Human Rights are Birth Rights

The word human rights itself tells its meaning. Human rights are those minimum basic rights which an individual must have against the world at large by virtue of being a member of human family, irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, sex and nationality. We can’t live as human being without them. These rights are essentials for all the individuals for their inherent dignity and human worth.  What is human right ?

Human Rights are rights inherent to all human being.  rights are those opportunities in social life without which a person cannot live as a human being. It allows us to fully develop our personality to the fullest. The privileges or conditions recognized and protected by law for the maximum development of the greatest number of people are called rights. But that right can be called a human rights if it fulfills two conditions

  • [1] The facilities will be conducive to the personal development of everyone
  • [2] Privileges shall be recognized and protected not only by the state and but also internationaly.

Human rights are those external  conditions of social life without which the individual cannot achieve the full development of his personality and that provides mental nourishment. These are claims recognized and enforced by the nationally and internationally.

Characteristics of human rights

The following features can be noted:

Firstly, the concept of human rights is derived from the natural rights of people. It is created in the society and it develops in the society.

Second, human rights are recognized, recognized and protected by nationally and internationally.

Thirdly, human rights also change as society changes. human rights are dynamic.

Fourthly, the main goal of human rights is to achieve the universal welfare of the individual.

Fifth: human rights develop the individual’s personality to the full.

Sixth: human rights inculcate civic and moral virtues.

Seventh: human rights are universal.

Eighth: human rights is not limited cannot be denied without performance of duties.

Since these rights belong to them because of their very existence, they become operative with their birth. Human Rights, being birth right, are therefore, inherent in all the individual .justified by human nature or rights for human purposes. A person enjoys a plethora of fundamental human rights. Human beings have a fairly natural human tendency to seek their rights and with this extends their selfishness or interest or the urge to own their own things. With this, it becomes imperative to exercise certain responsibilities and rights of the individual.


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